Monday, January 31, 2011

32nd Mommy Mondays

Why can't the prenatal vitamin give you everything you need?

So I had a really bad leg cramp Wednesday early morning - Saturday evening. It was really bad Wednesday and Thursday and slowly started getting better Friday. Luckily my 27 week Baby Center e-mail was about leg cramps:

It says I probably need more magnesium in my diet. I checked my prenatal vitamin, and it doesn't even have magnesium in it! Sheesh. I guess I'm tired of having to take so many pills especially since I was so sick a couple weeks ago.

Anyone know what foods have magnesium in it? Friends also suggested potassium. I was finally able to buy bananas on Friday so maybe that helped. I also tried to increase my water intake more which of course causes me to go to the bathroom even more! I did stretches all day especially before bed, took warm baths. This leg cramp (in my right calf) took forever to go away. It just made me so nervous about getting a blood clot, but my leg never looked swollen or had any red patches.

I'm grateful to be pregnant, but I'm just not very good at taking care of myself especially with a 2 year old. How do you take care of yourself?

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Sarah said...

I felt like I was in "survival mode" throughout my second pregnancy. You just have way less time to rest and take care of yourself when you already have a child to look after!

Ewww, leg cramps are the worst. Sleeping with a feather pillow between my knees as I slept on my side helped a bit...

Brittany-Trends250 said...

the best advice i have is to eat Total cereal. it has 100% folic acid and other things that you are supposed to have. sometimes i'd have a bowl for breakfast and then later on in the day for a snack and i would use that as my prenatals if i wasn't able to take them that day. i SWEAR by total cereal. it's a bit more expensive but it has TONS in it and it's especially good with real fruit like blueberries, bananas, or strawberries.

Anonymous said...

I had been told to drink more milk to help with the leg cramps, as well as eat bananas. the calcium in the milk sure helps, and I know there were days that I didn't drink as much as I should, and that's when I felt it! if I woke up with a leg cramp, I'd drink some milk and eat a banana and it sure helped! plus I was always starving in the middle of the night anyway!

tamiv said...

I can also remember having those leg cramp when I was pregnant!I always took my vitamins,because I Knew I couldn't get the right foods all the time!