Friday, September 2, 2011

62nd Fashionable Fridays - Paint that Nail

Want to get to know more about me? Population 250 did a spotlight on me! I feel so honored! She has an awesome blog. Go check it out!

Have a fabulous Labor day Weekend!
Check out these fun nails from Paint that Nail!

Happy Friday!!! August has now past; I'm so sad I don't want it to get cold!!  Today I'm going to show how to do this fading cheetah print, so lets get into it!

Start off by painting yous nails yellow I chose Essence colour & go- mellow yellow.

Using a make up sponge, sponge a light orange color leaving some yellow at the bottom. I used Wet n Wild wild shine- sunny side up.

Now sponge a darker orange on top but leave a little bit of the light orange showing at the bottom thats what creates the gradient. I used Sally Hansen Xtream wear- sun kissed.

Taking a light coral color sponge it the same way we did with the darker orange. Leave some color showing at the bottom. I used Wet n Wild wild shine- blazed.

Now for the last color your going to sponge it in the corner so it goes from coral to yellow.

If you want to try the cheetah print this is how you can do it or you can just keep the fading and thats really cute too! All you do is make C's and they dont have to be perfect some can be more straight and some can be more curved no animal has the same pattern! I used black Acrylic paint and a detail brush.  

Add a top to make everything glossy and last longer. Also if you use acrylic paint the water can wash it off so you want to make sure to seal it in. You also dont have to use those colors just have fun with it!!:)

So fun Kristyn! I like what you said about no animal has the same pattern - so true! Don't be afraid to try this and the end no one can tell if you made a mistake or not - it will still look cool! Same goes with crafting and scrapbooking =D
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