Friday, September 16, 2011

Husband's Birthdays

My husband turned 30 a little while ago. Here's what I did for him. Even though my husband doesn't care about all this stuff; I can tell he still appreciates it and now he's going to attempt to do something special for my birthday =D Can't wait! The little things are so important!

First my son and I went to the $1 store to pick up some decorations. Then we went to my husband's work before he had to work and decorated. This was a total surprise to my husband. He didn't think I could surprise him 2 years in a row! I'm awesome! =D

Then when he came home from work, he had this waiting for him just to remind him all the great things he's done. Some of the accomplishments his family shared with me.
This was based on this idea from the Dating Divas - pinned here. 30 envelopes decorated with a little scrapbooking paper with a paper inside with each one of his accomplishments.

For my husband's birthday last year; it was his golden birthday so I got this cake made and added some gold coins.
Golden Birthday means the age you're turning matches your birth date day.

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