Wednesday, February 29, 2012

17th Work-out Wednesdays

Here are my stats:
Height: 5'4
Beginning Measurements - June 29, 2011
  • Around the Belly: 39 in. (47 in. 38 weeks pregnant with my daughter in April 2011- I was only 45 in. with my son, but I weighed almost 10 lbs. more)
  • Waist: 38in.
  • Around my bottom: 40.25 in.
  • Upper Arm: 12.25 in.
  • Inner Thigh: 23.5 in
Goal: flatter tummy - 34 in. around my belly, 130 lbs. by the New Year (have to leave room for the holidays =D). Ideally would love to be 120-125 again and 30-32 in again.
Pre-pregnancy: 131 lbs. Gained 36 lbs. when pregnant:  167 lbs. (had my baby April 19, 2011) Beginning weight: 147 lbs.

Today's Weight: 130 lbs.

Today's Measurements
  • Around the Belly: 36 in. - 1 inch down from October
  • Waist: 35.25 in. - lost 1.25 in. from October
  • Around my bottom: 37 in. - lost 1/2 from October
  • Upper Arm: 11.25 in. - same
  • Inner Thigh: 21 in - 1 inch down from October

It's been a long time, but I haven't totally been slacking! In the last 2 months, I've really focused on portion control and carb control =). Ever since I had gestational diabetes when I was last pregnant, I've become more aware about carbs. I love carbs especially pastas and breads, but now I understand about choosing better carbs (more fiber/whole grains). From being educated on diabetes, I understand a lot more why America has such an obese population and many people who become diabetic. 
Also the USDA has now come out with MyPlate which goes well with what I learned on how to eat when I had gestational diabetes.
Half your plate should be fruits and veggies...
Along with that, I've been trying gymnastics moves as I help my son feel more comfortable in his preschool gymnastics class. I'm no gymnast, that's for sure, but I was amazed that I couldn't even do a bridge. I'm so weak! Then once I stayed with my son in his class and did the stretches. Wow that helped so much. One new goal is to do stretches every day.
I've also tried Zumba for a Relief Society activity at my church, but I didn't do it well since I had my kids with me. I would love to try and do Zumba more.
With all of this, I even reached 127 lbs. for a week, but have gained it back...

How is everyone else doing????

2 crafty contributions:

Livvy said...

You are doing great! You looked super tiny when I saw you on Saturday. *thumbs up*
I've given up the treadmill these last few weeks, but try to get 3-4 miles in on the stationary bike. Feels good to keep my legs moving!

BeanBugCrafts said...

Congrats 7 keep it up! I was doing good but have fallen in a slump, it's so easy to do :-( Thanks for the encouragement and keep up the good work!