Friday, February 17, 2012

75th Fashionable Fridays

In church, I have a new calling of working with the Young Women as the Personal Progress Leader. I'm super excited to work with the Young Women because I joined the Church (LDS) when I was 10 so did most of my growing in the Gospel in Young Women's. Though I'm excited, I'm super nervous too because most days I'm too tired to do my hair or make-up, but since I was in charge that night with Personal Progress, I tried to dress nicely and show the young women, I'm not a total mess with hair, fashion, make-up so they can look to me as their leader.

I put concealer, some blush, eyeliner and mascara. Then I've been practicing layering my clothes like my friend, Brittany has been showing how to do on her blog, Population 250. My belt in this picture is technically a headband from Forever and a Day, but thought it would be cool to wear as a belt. I just added a ponytail like you do to your pants when you're in the early stages of pregnancy and VIOLA. I felt "cool." =)

Please link up your Fashion, Hair, Make-up to Fashionable Fridays! or Comment with any tips working with YW =)