Friday, February 10, 2012

74th Fashionable Fridays

Today is February 10th! Wow. First off its' my parents anniversary along with the anniversary of my 2nd date with my husband. I was 16 on that date! We went to Turnabout (aka Sadie Hawkins). Here's a picture of us from that date. =) Fashion 11 years ago!

 Before the Dance
My husband was 19 and I was 16
Our 2nd Date

At the Dance

Ever heard of Freecycle!? I love it especially since we're way low on money and my husband already has to lose hours at his job again.
Anyway here are some of the following tops I've worn in January that I received FREE that no one wanted any more paired with my jeans faves from Old Navy. Pretty simple outfits, but I have needed simple in my life!

Crochet Headband with Crochet Flower from Forever and a Day  - my favorite crochet style place!

This is a fave since it's loose fitting.

Please link up your Fashion, Hair, Make-up to Fashionable Fridays! This week feel free to link up your fashion from the past! I'd love to see!