Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wellness Wednesday #2

Are you open to using natural solutions? Request a sample:
Experience the Life-Enhancing Benefits of dōTERRA's Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, naturally safe, very effective Essential Oils and Wellness Products for everyday living, health and wellness.

I really struggled after I had my second baby in April 2011. I didn't have any family around to support me. I didn't know how to protect my children and boost their immune systems. I was getting frustrated and hopeless not finding the support I needed for my family especially in the middle of the night when health care professionals weren't readily available to contact. A friend sent me a sample of Breathe to help my 3 week daughter support her respiratory function during that difficult time. I was afraid to use it at that time, not having enough information about it. Over a year later, another friend, Rosie, invited me to an introductory class on essential oils. I decided to give it a try to hear about natural solutions especially since she had a background as a health care professional. After learning more, I decided to just go for it and purchase a kit, and learn more at my own hosted class. It took me another seven months to remember to use essential oils, but that following winter I noticed how the OnGuard Products really helped boost my kids immune systems especially that first year my son went to preschool.

I love how I can use these products for everything and really embrace a more natural lifestyle: Wellness, Cooking, Cleaning, Support Emotions, and so much more. I'm grateful for the people in dōTERRA too and the things I've learned from such a enlightening company to make me a better person in all areas of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and more.

Who else uses dōTERRA Essential Oils?

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Livvy said...

skinny skinny! that is awesome. What has been working? I just started Jillian Michael's 30 day shred this week. Wish me luck!