Monday, August 20, 2012

72nd Mommy Mondays - Stay at Home Moms

I was so so excited when I received Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stay at Home Moms book.

Lately I've been having a hard time with my children. I guess really what mom doesn't. I try so hard to do fun things with them, but then moments later they're whining, crying like I just did nothing for them. Then my daughter still doesn't sleep through the night, and I'm just so tired that I lose my patience way faster than I ever used to. The hardest part about their ages right now is all the fighting and whining between the two. All day hearing it every day can really get to you and drive you nuts!

This was the perfect book to just relax with with a short story or two about women, stay at home moms, who were dealing with the same types of things as I was. Because I was looking for these type of stories first, I stared in the section called: "The Daily Grind." Stories about picky eaters, scared children, unable to sleep, etc. made me feel better than others were experiencing many of the same things. Just being able to relate to people even if you don't know them, I believe is so helpful to get through life. It helps you know you're not alone or crazy =).

Along with great stories, there's awesome short quotations before each short story - some that make you laugh and some that you can totally relate to. Just reading those uplift my mood. Here's one quotation that perfectly describes what I've been talking about, "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You, too? Thought I was the only one." -C.S. Lewis"

Now that summertime is closing, that means less play dates, at least at my house. I've been having huge play dates outside in my yard because my house is too small. When many moms come, it's really the highlight of my week because hearing other tired moms and their different struggles and I just think oh me too or yeah I've been there. I'll be turning to this book again and again to help my sanity over the winter time when it's harder to get together with friends.

I know for me and my family, being a stay at home mom is the right choice, but boy is it super hard at times. I wouldn't change it for the world. I love being there for all my kids' cute moments, seeing them learn new things, and hear them say funny things. This book can remind you of that =).

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AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Oh I bet this was a good read. I'm a stay at home mom and sometimes I go nuts. LOL The job of a mom. :-)