Thursday, August 16, 2012

Butterfly Pink and Lime Birthday PARTY

I kept forgetting to post this!

Here are pictures from the whole Hot Pink and Lime (B&W accents) Butterfly 1st Birthday. I plan on using these colors for the next couple years and changing the theme. I'm thinking next year will be an Ice Cream theme =). Plus all the things I made can be used for her bedroom.
Most of the pictures on here are by The Turquoise Frame Photography


Thank You Boxes

Food- Butterfly Bites
Rice Krispie treats with chocolate chips and pink colored chocolate, oreos, striped cookies, candy, jello jigglers, and veggies tray
Pink Lemonade, Water, Lime Sherbet Punch

Birthday Girl

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AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Aww you baby girl had an awesome birthday. I love all the decorations.

Happy Birhday~