Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Handmade Gift Exchange 2012

This year I participated in the Handmade Gift Exchange through Elfster, hosted by Craftaholics Anonymous. She does it twice a year. The next one starts November 1st so if you want to join, sign up here!

Anyway here's what I received from my awesome gifter, Lorinda at Free Spirit Tight Ship.

She made things for me and my children - so thoughtful! She even wrapped and labeled each one.

My son received this awesome crocheted Robot - he sleeps with it from time to time =)

 My daughter received this bunny in HER COLORS - Lorinda noticed all these details from my blog figuring these colors must mean something to us. Now I plan on taking pictures of my daughter with this bunny with her monthly/yearly shots =)

 Of course my daughter wanted both creations because she loves dolls and stuffed animals.

Here's what she made me! These buttons are so awesome. I've never thought of stacking buttons together like this for extra cool magnets! The flower pins are awesome - I immediately put ones on to match my outfit and have found other times to wear them too!


Here's what I made for my giftee... I hope she liked the items I made her as much I as like the items from my gifter. 

She had said colors she had in her living areas were greens, oranges, and browns.

 Then her wish list included some other things that I tried to mimic.
I made two of these wash your hands signs using the negative space from the other.

I loved making this no sew ruffle mini tote that I plan to make more! So easy and fun!

I've had this canvas made for a while and it seemed to match the colors she liked, so I threw that in there too =)


I can't wait to do another one! This was the most successful exchange I've participated in so I'm excited for more of them! The even have an angel list if for some reason, you sent a gift, but don't receive one. Your gifter and giftee are different which is another thing I like.

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