Thursday, August 23, 2012

Large Message Board

I finally made my Responsibility Charts Message Board. I've been wanting to make something like this for years! I had the big wooden frame for a couple years along with most of the square pieces: metal, cork, dry erase, mirror, etc.

When I saw these responsibility charts by My Computer is My Canvas - pinned here, I knew how I wanted to make my message board. Although her colors were great for kids, I wanted colors of ours to match our living area so I got to work with MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking Software (use code STMMMS81725 to get $10 off!). Using this software was really easy and much faster than Photoshop since it had many preset shapes and embellishments to use already.


After my charts were made, I got to work on my frame. I spray painted my frame brown and then glued down the mat board. I used baby food jars to hold it together for a while. I did it outside since I used the E6000 stinky glue, but strong. I then added 4 metal pieces in the corners and the cork and dry erase pieces for notes in the center.

Once that was all dry, I cut down some scrapbook paper and added that to the frame. I found this Home Sweet Home sign in the Target $1 bins last year so I used that for extra decor at the bottom.

I made some big rosettes with leftover fabric from my benches and pillows I had made before.

I used glue dots to adhere my charts once printed off at my local printing place, Alpha Graphics. Then I put magnets from Wal-mart - I wiped them out with the ball ones.

Unfortunately, I didn't have anywhere to put this in our living area so I put it in our hallway. We've been using it for about a month and it's been awesome. One of my son's areas was staying dry. He tends to have accidents when playing on the computer so this has eliminated that. Also he has been staying dry through the night too because of it! It's been awesome! For mine, I should have made a little easier. I put things on my chart that I wasn't good at doing at regularly, so in the end I always ended up getting the least amount of points even though I had been doing tons of other things.
We don't have much of reward system yet because my  kids are just happy to put on the magnets since they're 3.5 and almost 16 months. I figure we can get them a toy or treat sometime. My husband uses his points for computer gaming time. For me, I get to go get a haircut next week. On the dry erase board, I've been keeping track of our points each week for the month. Everyone improved each week so I figured we could all get some sort of prize or reward.

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Laurie Bolduc said...

This is such a great idea! I am going to make one myself. Such a great way to stay organized too when you have a busy schedule! Thanks so much for the idea!! Keep them coming! :)