Monday, April 15, 2013

84th Mommy Mondays - Potty Training with the 3 Day Method

 My daughter is potty trained - what another stress reliever! She'll be 2 on Friday!

The gist of it is having them know when they need to go to the bathroom. Instead of asking them do they need to go, you say "Tell me when you need to go potty." There will be accidents with this method because you wait until they start to pee and you run them to the bathroom while saying that phrase, but by the third day they know when they have to go because they have associated going in the toilet so they tell you when they have to go and then no more accidents. You're not wasting time taking them every 30 minutes or sitting them forever hoping they'll go.
There's a lot more to it then that so if you follow the program to a T, it works amazingly!

Here are the notes I took. Started at 1:30pm Saturday, April 6th so 3 days is Tuesday, April 9th at 1:30pm
Day 1 - 7 accidents
Day 2 – 7 accidents, 3 successes – one was poop!
Day 3 – 1 accident, 7 successes
No poop accidents
She asks to go potty and goes! Sometimes she asks, but doesn’t go which I take that she has to poop, but can’t yet. That one is tricky sometimes to know at least it was for James too.
so I’d say she’s successfully trained!
Day 4 - 0 accidents, 5 successes
has been dry for 2 nights at night and during her naps
Day 5 - 0 accidents, 5 successes- another poop one

Overall, this actually ended up being easier than when I trained my son probably because my daughter was closer to the recommended age of 22 months. By the 2nd day, I didn’t have to watch her as closely because she knew to tell me. With my son, he rebelled (probably because he was more set in his ways, being older when trained at 33 months) so I had to watch him closely every day. It clicked for him on the 3rd day, but had trouble with the night time training. I seriously was going crazy training him so I was nervous about training my daughter. You really have to clear out 3 days where you won’t be bothered for this to be successful. It probably easier knowing what to expect, what signs to look for that she needed to go since I had done this already. The first day is still the hardest. Then the next hardest part is when you know they have to go, but are holding it so that’s when you are saying every minute, “Tell Mommy when you need to go pee pee in the toilet.” It was nice that my son helped me say this too, but sometimes it was harder staying positive about the situation with my son being around to fight with her.
Differences with her, she tried to hold it a lot, maybe because she had those muscles developed already - boys apparently develop it a little later. She really thrived in having special character underwear – having Dora and one of my son's old Diego underwear. She liked treats though you’re not supposed to say they’re getting treats for going potty – you can just give them a treat. You don’t want them to associate treats with going potty.
I had tried to train her 6 mos. ago because she kept asking to sit on the potty. She even peed in the potty several times and pooped in it twice, but because of teaching preschool, church callings, doing my scrappy gifts stuff, stress of her teeth, I wasn’t able to stick to watching her closely to make it work. I knew Conference Weekend (LDS leaders speak at 5 different sessions) would be best since I didn’t have to worry about going to church. I’m not doing preschool anymore. I didn’t have any major scrapbooking stuff and my dōTERRA events/classes were later in the month. Potty training her was actually easier than weaning her from nursing which has been almost 4 weeks since she has nursed, but she still asks for milk every other day now, but is easily contented now to have cow’s milk.
Here’s the link to the site for the 3 Day Potty Training Method. Really follow it to a T and it will work =) If you purchase the copy, you can also get direct help from the owner; she’ll answer your questions that might not be addressed in the book.

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