Thursday, May 9, 2013

Project Organization 2013 - Bathroom Drawers and Kitchen Cabinets

All this took me basically a whole day to clean and organize. First I went and measured my cabinets and headed to the dollar store for containers that would fit. I was lucky to find sizes and colors that would work just at the Dollar Store! No ordering custom or expensive containers.

Before and After Bathroom Drawers
Closed Tupperware Pieces were perfect for the cotton ball and Q-tips plus my 2 year old couldn't get to it. She's been getting to the Q-tips and sticking them in her ears so we worried she'd end up damaging her ear drums....
Bottom Drawer 3 larger containers for my son's pull-ups for night, tampons and pad. Then a smaller container for most used hair accessories.
Top drawer was thinner so several years ago, I bought a desk compartment tray during back to school time to sore my earrings, combs, hair ties, bobby pins and more.

Bathroom Cabinets
My husband's on the right and mine on the left. I have all the medications on my side though we don't have very many anymore know that we use natural solutions. My side still could use some work, but the cabinets are larger in the back and narrow towards the front which makes it difficult to fit many containers in there.

Kitchen Cabinets Before
I always buy food items and just stuff it where there's room which made me forget what I had a lot! Since seeing all these organization posts, I knew I had to try containers but I was really afraid I'd have to spend tons of money, but thankfully I found dollar store containers that fit perfectly! I think I spent $35 on 35 containers for the bathroom drawers & cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and a few for the fridge. Money well spent for my sanity and very affordable.

 Kitchen Cabinets After
I just love opening up my cabinets, brings me so much accomplishment!
Since I don't have a ton of spices and couldn't really afford or have fit a circular spice rack, I just fit all my spice straight across one shelf, after throwing away the really old ones...
Kept the can goods on the bottom shelf.
Then I had containers for cooking items, noodles, cookies, chips, vitamins, cooking spray & small oils, seasoning packets.
Technically I can't fit as much food, but it's so much more organized and I can really see what I need to buy. Prevent over buying so I can better stick to a budget =)
Some things went into our lazy susan which are pretty easy to keep organized - then the popular cereals went in the table top cabinet. No I'm not a big fan of plain Cheerios, but the rest of my family eats it every day. I'm more Honey Nut kind, sometime Multi-grain =)

Before and After of Table Top Cabinet

Before and After of Main Cabinets

Fridge still needs some work and freezer needs a ton, but we'll get there. Any ideas for the freezer? It's tiny! I always overshop for it and ended up moving everything around for it. Wish we had a place for an extra freezer.
On the top shelf of our fridge, it's usually full of milk. My family drinks a lot of it - just need to shop for more this week.

The rest of my living and kitchen area. Some things from the main cabinets were moved to my scrapbook room and others were moved to my bookshelf under the clock. This part took me a couple hours to do without the kids around. It might have taken all day with them home!

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