Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ice Cream Birthday Party - Pink, Lime, Black and White

My daughter's birthday was on April 19th - had to keep her party much simpler than last year because I wasn't planning on doing a party because she doesn't really have any friends her age that are girls and our closest friends had to move away the week before. My husband ended up not being able to get work off so our plans changed, and we did a quick party but having the older kids there was chaos and messy. Luckily I had an idea of what I wanted to do and just used the same colors as last year to reuse her decorations. Will have to repeat this party theme though to do more of my ideas I had in mind for the party =)

Her 1st birthday and her last few hours of being 1.
Couldn’t remember if she wore the green or pink last year – guessed wrong…
Kaelyn's 2nd Birthday10

Birthday Invite

Made on Shutterfly and then turned it into a digital layout
Ice Cream Birthday Invite
Ice Cream Birthday Invite Scrapbook Page copy

Decorations and Set Up

2nd Birthday Cover Photo copy

Punch Game – this is how I did it using stuff I had, but there’s other tutorials out there
1. Taped 8x8x8 Priority Mail boxes together
2. Put packaging paper across
3. Dress Large circles with ice cream bowl
4. Cut holes out and covered with tissue paper
5. Daughter gets stuck in the box
6. Fill with prizes and candy
7. Tape brown paper to boxes
8. Add ice cream cones to the  bottoms of the circle
Kaelyn's 2nd Birthday11

Tried to make the cupcakes in a Ice Cream Cone shape
Ice Cream banners and Birthday Shirt with my Silhouette Machine
Ice Cream Subway Art created by me with her name and colors
Write your name by the ice cream flavor you had
Kaelyn's 2nd Birthday1

Playing the Game – Punch a Hole
Next time hide this game (but I’d need a bigger house) or hang up somehow or put on a table so less kids could reach and punch it before we actually played the game. Half the kids didn’t get to punch a hole because they were punched already. Chaos – not very good listeners maybe because the party was right before bed time???

Family Pictures
Kaelyn's 2nd Birthday9

Tried to mimic pictures that I did with my son’s 2nd birthday, but she is much more stubborn so I just got these ones…
Kaelyn's 2nd Birthday7

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

One year ago and and on her 2nd birthday – these make me laugh!
Birthday Party by The Turquoise Frame1

Some decent pictures of her – couldn’t get any good ones of her happy and showing the whole shirt. I guess I made her shirt too big…
Kaelyn's 2nd Birthday8

No more pictures!

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