Friday, February 26, 2010

5 Question Friday

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5QF from Mama M. : She chose one of my questions again - the third one!

1. Do you sing karaoke? If so, what is your go to song?
I do with my mom. She has her very own karaoke machine....we're Filipino - they sing karaoke all the time! I'm only good at the children's songs according to my mom's karaoke machine. =D

2. What is your favorite coffee drink?
don't drink coffee - but I love raspberry lemonade!

3. If you could choose your own name, what would it be?
I always wanted Michelle to be my name, but I'll have to settle for it being my middle name. I'm hoping I can name a daughter Michelle, but I might be destined to have boys. (My husband has 5 younger brothers and I have 2 younger brothers and no SILs still.)
At least with Maryanne- I have all sorts of nicknames.

4. Were you ever bullied?
not exactly. In 2nd grade, this boy and I would always balance each other on this wood beam and try to knock the other one off. Eventually it started going to far and he would choke my neck.....lunch ladies seemed to be blind so eventually my mom called the principal and the issue was resolved easily.
In high school I was teased a lot because I would get shy and think people weren't listening to what I was saying which ended with me not finishing my sentences a lot of the time - their teasing made it worse...
I'm mostly better, but every so often I won't finish my sentences when I don't think people are listening to me.

5. How often do you eat fast food?
Not too often in my opinion. It's totally not my first choice when I think going out to eat, by my husband loves Wendys and doesn't like sit-down restaurants-he'd rather eat at home.
My 15 mo. son loves the Arctic Circle play place so I have to order something so we can play there every so often. There's not much to do in our town where you can stay warm during the winter.

sorry my answers aren't too exciting!

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