Monday, May 30, 2011

43rd Mommy Mondays

Happy Memorial Day! Any fun plans you had this past weekend or for today?

Today my son is 2 1/2 years old! It's amazing how fast time flies! He has really grown in the last 6 months especially with his vocabulary. He speaks mostly in sentences now and shares what he's thinking. It's fun, but challenging. With all of his new words, it's actually harder to understand him because some of his words sound like more than one thing so I've had to guess what he's saying sometimes. Of course I'm better at it than my husand is since I'm home more.
He has done wonderfully with his baby sister. He doesn't seem jealous of her at all. He has seemed more emotional lately though and sometimes more defiant. We try to do special things with him though to make sure he still knows he's loved and special.
What things have you done to help your older one feel loved and special after having another baby? How did you tranisition from having 1-2 kids?

Since I've been posting "sadder" Mommy Moments, here's a funny one and hopefully not gross. When wearing my maternity pants and bending over, my pants would go down too far showing my bottom crack. My lovely husband taught our son, to stick his finger in my pants and tickle me to let me know my bottom was showing. Thanks!
What funny things have your kids done that might also be embarassing!?

Today will be the start of our first Mommy Mondays Linky Party! I've been wanting to do this for a while, but wanted to create a button for it. Well my site is going to have a new design, and then I'll create a button then.
You can link up any of your mom related stories for the past week: happy, sad, tough, silly, etc. I want to create a little support group of moms to share experiences.

Only Rule - Comment on the blog before yours, at least.

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