Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guest Post - Memories by Christine

Hello! Christine from MBC Scrapbooking here with an easy paper craft that will make a fabulous gift and/or make your own life a lot easier:)

I found this grocery list idea over at Infarrantly Creative last winter, but as I'm strictly a paper crafting gal and not so much a "tools and drill bits" kind of gal, I fashioned my own clipboard- no tools needed!
2-17-11 198

I embellished a magnetic chip clip (so it will stick on the fridge;) with two types of ribbon and some paper cutouts.
2-17-11 199

The base of the clipboard is part of a cereal box covered in scrapbooking paper.
2-17-11 200

A few extra flower cutouts finish out the back of the clipboard.
2-17-11 202

Remember, just print out 26 copies of the file- there are two on each page so you'll have a year's worth of premade grocery lists!
If you like this concept, I have a free printable for household chores- print out 26 and you are set for the year as well! Check it out here:)
Thank you, Maryanne, and congratulations on your beautiful new addition to your family. I hope you guys are getting some rest and lots of snuggles in.

Thanks so much Christine! Love that you just used a chip clip and some cereal box cardboard! How inexpensive and super cute!!

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MBC Scrapbooking said...

Thank you for having me! Hope you guys are all feeling better.