Tuesday, May 10, 2011

46th Fashionable Fridays

Sorry this is late. My son had croup last week and I just found out yesterday, my baby girl has RSV. = (
So things will be going a lot slower over here.

Here's Kristyn from Paint that Nail with som super fashionable nails!

Its Fashionable Friday again! Today I will be showing how to do leopard and zebra print. 
First you're going to paint your nails a gold... in my case I did one coat of Klean color- cafe au lait and then one coat of Piggy Polish- glod for it!. 

Then once that is dry you're going to want to paint half your nail diagonally white, first I used Rimmel London French Tip PRO to make and out line. 

Then I filled it in with Sinful Colors- snow me white.

Now I took my dotting tool or a bobby pin/tooth pick and made random dots I used Klean Color- dark brown.

I took my small detail brush with acrylic paint, but any paint would work and at the end I have a video showing how to cut a regular paint brush into a detail/striping brush and I outlined the spots randomly but not all the way around. Then in empty spaces I just added little back lines or spots.
I realized the brown inside the dots were to dark so I lightened it up with Avon nail wear pro- sheer french pink and just dotted over the spots after I mixed the two colors together.

Now on to how to do the zebra print!

I took my black Stripe Rite and just made a line in the middle of my nail.

Then I made another line coming off that to make the letter Y. As if you were making a tree branch.

I put a line inside the Y.

Then I made a line just to make it even across my nail and continued the same process through out my nail(s) with doing the Y's.

That;s how you can get leopard and zebra print! At first its easier to do this to your whole nail and this takes practice so if you dont get it right the first time just keep trying! If you do decide to do this you can continue and add some glitter....

I hope you like this nail art and try it out if you do!! Heres the tutorial on how to make a detail brush out of a regular brush... but you can find striping nail polish at any beauty supply store.

Thank you Maryanne for letting me do these posts!
Aren't those super sweet! High fashion and fun there!

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