Friday, May 13, 2011

47th Fashionable Fridays - Olivia

 Welcome my fashionable sweet friend, Olivia today!

Ever get tired of reaching into the closet and pulling out the same old thing? wishing you had a little more pop in your wardrobe? Well I'm here to show you a few quick and easy tips to get more use out of accessories that you already have!

*For the first look, all you will need is some ribbon and a brooch or pin of your choice (You could even make one- There are tutorials for flower pins all over the internet).
 First, pin together so the cardigan meets in the middle, then tie a ribbon around your waist and let the knot sit on the top of the pin. Easy as that and spruces up your look for a feminine touch.

*Grab a light weight scarf-any color or fabric- and tie it to the handle of your favorite purse. Gives a great pop of color and visual interest to an otherwise very basic purse.

*Belt it! This is a sure way to have a pulled together look. Experiment and set the belt at different spots on your waist. Cinch it up a little higher for a great hourglass look, or wear it slung low on your hips for a more casual look.

Be creative and most importantly, be YOU!
Fashion is meant to be fun!


Olivia also has a friend, that just re-opened her online clothing site, OnlineDiva. Check it out!
Thanks for those fun, creative ideas! I had never heard of the first two. The scarf on the purse pretty sweet idea.

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bcriminger said...

I love the ribbon idea! Will prob try it this week :)