Friday, August 5, 2011

59th Fashionable Fridays

Paint that Nail!

What you need:
~four shades of purple or a dark & light purple and white then you can just mix shades 
~a detail brush/small paint brush (you can cut a regular paint brush as well)
~glitter- optional 
dont forget you can use whatever colors you want to!

Onto the nails!!
Paint all your nails the lightest color of the bunch.

Sponge your nails the second to lightest color about 3/4 of the way down and if you go down to far dont worry about it we can go back in and fix it later!

Now sponge your third color about 1/3 of the way down just so that the second to lightest color is peeking through.

Sponge the darkest color just at the tips. If you feel like you went a little far down to the bottom of your nail take the lightest color and sponge that from the bottom going up a little bit. Then thats it with the sponge!

If you want you can add glitter I like to because it helps the fading fade better I think. 
You can stop there and you have really cute nails or continue and add a flower!

To do the flower all you have to do is start at the top make a circle (try to mine never come out exactly like a circle no flowers are the same!) then just point it off (the point doesnt have to be perfect the middle is going to cover it) do that in a circle rotating where the point is.

Add a couple dots in the middle or just add a big dot like I did on the other fingers with the smaller flowers. I also put the second to lightest color on the flower just coming out of the middle. You could just make one flower on your ring finger or thumb. 

What I used:
~Revlon- lily (lightest)
~OPI- planks a lot (second to lightest) 
~Orly- charged up mixed with white (third lightest)
~Orly- charged up mixed up a little bit of Rimmel London lasting finish pro- purple rain (darkest)
~Ruby Kisses HD- HDP18 (white)
~NYC long wearing nail enamel- stary silver glitter
~Detail brush: Loew-Cornel 5/0 American Painter 4650 Spotter (can be fond at Micheals and probably online)  

Thanks for reading and just have fun with it!!(:

What a cool technique! Thanks for sharing!

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