Wednesday, March 7, 2012

18th Work-out Wednesdays

(courtesy of eMed Expert soda article)

16 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda

I saw this article and found it pretty interesting. Most of it I know already, but it was nice to be reminded since I've been drinking pop a lot more now after I've had my daughter. I never used to be a major pop drinker, but after my daughter's birth, I started to be just because I missed it so much when I had gestational diabetes.

Lately, I've done pretty well avoiding it. I don't like the cola drinks at all, but I love root beer and Sprite. Lately though, root beer, I'm not liking as much.

My goal for this month is to not drink any pop. For me this a lot easier to do than avoiding sweets.

What is your weakness when it comes to food and drink? Will you try and give it up for a period of time?

Do you say Soda or Pop? I only say pop unless when talking about grape soda =)

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