Monday, March 12, 2012

59th Mommy Mondays

Not too long ago, I later find out from my husband that I had a lovely booger on my forehead all after I had done all my errands! The life of a mom!

Speaking of boogers, my baby girl has the largest and stickiest boogers ever (I'm pretty sure it was hers on my forehead)! Is there a certain reason for that?

What embarrassing things have happened to you because of your kids?

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Virginia Horner said...

a few years ago my husband was deployed and my boys were 5 and 1 at the time. So I we were waiting in a LONG line at the post office to mail a package to daddy and both of the kids were going a little crazy from standing is line so long so we finally get to the counter and the baby starts freaking out as Im holding him so I handed him my keys to play with to occupy him and he dropped them so when I finished mailing the package I bent over to pick up my keys and RIP!!! my jeans ripped all the way down the middle of my butt down my leg!!! and I had nothing to cover it now since I just handed the lady my box!!! and the worst part was that I was up at the front at the counter with a huge line of people behind me, AND I was wearing a THONG!! omg so embarrassing!! I walked out backwards and ran to my car!! its funny now but I was crying them! lol