Wednesday, March 21, 2012

20th Work-out Wednesdays

Here's my new favorite snack, sometimes breakfast. Apple slices (fruit) with peanut butter (for protein) and chocolate chips for some sweetness. You could also top with raisins, dried fruit, craisins, etc. for even healthier option.
I surprised myself weighing in at 129 after eating a big dinner! Then I was 127 another day this week before eating.
What are your favorite, more healthy, snacks?

Does anyone use swimsuits as motivation? I don't, but I can see it being a good motivator.
Keeping it Simple is having a giveaway for Hapari - $85 worth! I could use a new swimsuit! Pretty low entries so go enter! Ends March 28th.

I'm loving these two. Hope I win! More motivation to get toned if I win.

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