Monday, March 5, 2012

58th Mommy Mondays - Chicken Soup for the Soul REVIEW

Sometimes, especially as a mom, you just get so tired and feel like you never accomplish anything. I know when my husband comes home, I sometimes feel like I need to tell him all that I did today because it's not readily seen when he looks around the house. When you don't feel like you're accomplishing anything, you may start to feel unhappy. I think that's been mine problem as of late. There's a lot of things started, but never finished or it just starts over again the next day.
There are a couple of things that have helped me to remember how HAPPY and BLESSED I am.
The first thing is my 3 year old boy. Ever since the New Year, every single day without fail, he tells me, "It's been a great day, Mom." Without fail, even if he has just been hurt, or doesn't get his way, he still tells me this. At first it was so hard to agree with him so I'd just say okay. Then eventually, I tried to change my attitude and wanted to be able to say back to my son, "Yes, it is a great day!"
That along with this book has really improved my outlook again. Days are still hard and I still lose my patience, but I can reflect more and see what I've accomplished, and what I am grateful for.

When I received this book from Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find your Happiness, I knew this came to me at the best time. As soon as I started reading, every story in the first chapter and I mean EVERY, made me think yes this is exactly what I needed to open my eyes and remember how Happy I really am and that I can CHOOSE to be HAPPY.

If you have been feeling down, I know that reading this book can help cheer you up and even give you ideas to help you choose to be happy. One of the ideas suggested was to write down each day something that made you happy. The person who shared the story said it was difficult at first, but eventually it became easier. I have tried this and boy does it make my stress go down, makes me reflect, fills me with love for all that I have.

This book isn't about motherhood, but I bet it would benefit a lot of moms out there who might feel like I do. Rarely getting a break, not much time with your husband, lots of whining/wanting from kids, but if you can think about what made you happy that day, you'll remember all the special little moments. In the past month, I can tell my son "Yes, it's a great day." Along with that I try to make it a great day for him, for me, my husband and my daughter too. Great days aren't about everything going your way, no fights, no yelling, etc. Great days are about being happy, remembering your blessings, being grateful for what you do have.... even when bad things happen, you can learn from those trials and grow, feel peace and look to the future.

Find your Happiness and Choose to be Happy! =D

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