Monday, July 2, 2012

69th Mommy Mondays - Say Goodbye to Stress

As a mom, we all have lots of stress everyday, at least I do.

 "We all have stress in our lives. What differentiates us is how we handle it."

In my health class in high school, I remember learning that we all had to have stress in our lives to live which was an interesting concept, but I think it's true. It would be pretty boring and mundane without stress. Stress can give us excitement, adrenaline, learning opportunities and more. The above quote on how we handle stress is what is important and what we need to focus on.

My friend has been having a lot of stress in her life so I had her review the book for me. Here are her thoughts on the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Goodbye to Stress.

"Chicken Soup for the Soul; Say Goodbye to Stress is a great book for those who THINK they have stress in their life.  This book not only shows what goes on in people's lives, but how to actually fix your everyday thinking.  It also teaches people who have stress or make stress for their lives, how life isn't always going to go their way but there are ways that still work out in the end.  This book does a great job of pointing out that we need to change our lifestyle if we continue having stress in our lives day in and day out or otherwise we aren't going to lower our level of stress.  This book helped me a lot by demonstrating real life scenarios in people's lives and how I can relate to them but then look back and see how I've dealt with some of the same issues and the outcome was not a good outcome.  By reading this book, I feel that in my life; when stress arises, that I can tackle it in a different way than I have been living my life.  If that way doesn't work out then when I do have another situation (because no one's life is stress-free) then I will be able to think back on "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Goodbye to Stress" and think of the different ways each individual overcame their difficult time in life. DEFINITELY would recommend this book"

I know for me as a mom, I need to think of different ways to manage my stress so I can be the best mom that I can be for my children as well as the best wife to my husband. Most of the time it's taking time for myself or just telling myself to keep going along with not worrying about the future and just living day by day.
If you are having a lot of stress in your life and not sure how to manage it, we recommend this book.

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