Friday, July 6, 2012

93rd Fashionable Fridays - Paint that Nail

It's Fashionable Friday! Happy Friday everyone!! Since its been so hot outside with the sun shining bright I wanted to do something summery so I decided on bumble bees! Remember to just have fun with doing your nails, it takes patience!
First paint your nails a base color I chose Rimmel London Lasting Finish PRO- Posh Pink which took two coats. Over that I put one coat of glitter which was SinfulColors- Pinky Glitter. Then you want to make the bees' bodies with a yellow nail polish. I used China Glaze- Lemon Fizz with a dotting tool.

Next you want to make the wings which are like ovals but flat on one end. I used a white Stripe Rite.

Make two wings next to each other and do that to every body.

Then make the antennas which are just two lines coming out of the same spot/area. I used a black Stripe Rite.

Next put a black dot for the eye and then put the stripes on the body.

You can either stop there which would be cute or continue and put some flowers! First put two dots next to each other. I mixed Essie- Haute As Hello and SinfulColors- Snow Me White for the color.

Then put three more dots to complete the outside of the flower which are like the petals.

Fill in the flower if needed.

Continue that on all your nails in random spots. The size and shape of the flower will vary on how much space you have.

Then put a dot in the middle of your flower to finish it off and make it actually look like a flower. I used Sally Hansen Xtream Wear- Caribbean Coral.

Finish everything off with a top coat, and you're done!!

I hope you like these and give them a try! (:

Cute bees and flowers! So fun! Thanks Kristyn. Be sure to check more of her nail creations at Paint that Nail!

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Laurie Bolduc said...

OMG absolutely adorable!!!!! I LOVE this!!!!! I am going to do this on my daughters nails today when she comes home from school! Thanks so much!!