Saturday, July 7, 2012

S'mores for Saturday!

Now I usually don't post on Saturdays, but I had to wake up early today, plus this post doesn't really fit on my normal posts so I thought I'd share today =)

Since my Pampered Chef party a couple weeks ago, I've been loving making S'mores! At my party we made S'more Cups (basically a graham cracker crust in mini cupcake pan with marshmallows and chocolate baked on top) and I had lots of leftover S'more stuff so I started cooking them on my stove. Then I saw this idea on Pinterest to add chocolate inside the marshmallow with Rolos. Here's the original blog post: Rolo Marshmallows too.
I found me some mini Rolos and then I saw the mini Reeses so I grabbed those too to try!

It was harder to roast the marshmallows with the chocolate inside - it didn't want to roast as evenly probably because I didn't get the chocolate inside very nicely.

 Why stop with Rolo/Reeses Marshmallows, turn it into a whole S'more!
I tried both kinds and the winner was...

 the Rolos - hands down!!! Love the caramel!!
If you like a peanut butter taste more, then I'd try doing a grilled peanut butter chocolate (Reeses) marshmallow sandwich (like grilled cheese). I did this when I was pregnant and it was so good!!! There just wasn't enough peanut butter flavor with the mini Reese so maybe do a regular S'more with a Reeses cup instead. So many ideas! Let me know if you try one!

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Wow these look delicious and dangerously good!!!