Monday, September 24, 2012

76th Mommy Mondays - Drastic Measures

Well to help wean my daughter from nursing since basically she's been nursing mostly on demand. Some days especially when we're out in public, she isn't tempted to nurse. At home, there's not enough to distract her. Since I didn't feel right about taking the birth control that will dry up my milk yet since she's nursing so much, I decided to take other drastic measure and package tape my chest so I can't easily give her access to nursing. We started it before bed last night at about 10:30pm.
We took my son's mattress to the TV room. My son and husband shared a bed in the bedroom while I dealt with a very angry toddler the rest of the night. She was tired enough that I got her to go to sleep by rocking her in our chair. She woke up again at 3:30 and threw fits and cried for a long time. I tried several things, but nothing was working. So we turned the TV on and I gave her some Cheerios. She threw fits on and off. Since she knew about the tape, she didn't attempt at my chest too much. I was getting hungry too since I wasn't asleep so I grabbed a bowl of cereal too and shared with her. She happily ate. By 5:00am, the tape was feeling too tight, probably because I was getting a little full so I cut it off and hoped to make until 6am without her noticing the tape was on. Once the last show before 6am was done, I let her nurse. Hopefully tonight, I can make her go even longer. The second fits of crying was harder than the first, but I survived without major breakdowns. I didn't feel too tired by the time I was awaken by the phone at 9:45am.

Now she's pretty mad at me this morning too because she wants to nurse. So I put the tape back on, just didn't add more so she can see the tape there, but I'm not going to give in during the day. I'm hoping to hold off until nap time and then after that bedtime. If we're really lucky since my husband is home, we can maybe skip the nap time nursing.

Wish us luck. I just don't know what else to do right now.

Read last week's Mommy Mondays to see why it's so crucial for me to get her weaned.Thanks to those who left sweet comments to me last week. They really really help!

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