Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rocking Chair REDO

Here is my rocking chair I spray painted! This was my very first spray painting experience. I was super nervous!

Here's the chair before. Our neighbors who moved just gave it to us because they wouldn't have room in their new place.

I did lots of research and asked some favorite bloggers about spray painting before I got started. Here are my pins with tips I found - pin 1, pin 2 
I decided to do my rocking chair first because one of my favorite bloggers, Keeping it Simpleredid some chairs with spray paint so she inspired me to do my rocking chair. Pinned here.

I spray painted early in the day. Layed down the groundwork in my driveway.

I used a dark chocolate brown spray paint with primer from Krylon - I was told don't go cheap on spray paint so Krylon and Rustoleum are pretty good. I really wanted a cherry brown, but couldn't find one. I also couldn't find a separate primer spray paint so I figured the spray paint with primer would be better than one without primer. I used 2 cans of it to cover all the crevices with the chair.

I let it dry outside for the rest of the day. Then I brought it inside and put it somewhere where my kids don't go too often so it could dry some more - for about a week. Then I felt comfortable having it to sit on.

It's not perfect, but I love it! Eventually I'd like to redo the seat cushions as well in turquoise/aqua fabric. I'm  not a great sewer so that will be a while before I attempt it.

Here it is with the rest of our living area furniture. It's a small room so we don't have real couches, just benches, the rocking chair and a glider.

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