Friday, February 28, 2014

135th Fashionable Fridays - Coral, Brown, and Khaki with Olive and Black

My husband and I had the opportunity to take couple photos with one of our favorite photographers, Aly Willis Photography.

We did a date theme where we went to our favorite locations together.

Kiwi Loco, Cocoa Bean, Library

These ones were near the Cocoa Bean

Olive Suit - Men's Warehouse ---- I love this color on him!
Black Button Up - Old Navy

Brown Dress - Downeast?
Coral Pin - Paparazzi
Necklace - my mom
Wedges - Zulily
Khaki Jacket - Old Navy
Belt - Sexy Modest Boutique

Copying our dating dance photos

These are my absolutely favorite. I can really see the love from my husband. I will definitely be looking at this photo many times. Thank you Aly for capturing this! He was the most at ease I've ever seen him for a photo shoot!

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