Monday, December 13, 2010

26th Mommy Mondays

The busy holiday season with lots of gift ideas. I've been seeing these new Crayola products on TV and they look so cool to me!! I want son would like them too =D

Anyway There are Two Sides is giving away a Crayola Prize Pack that includes one of these. My son loves to color and this is mess free and makes sounds. Too cool! Low entries on this giveaway! This giveaway ends on December 22 at 12:00pm EST

What are some things you are buying for your kids this holiday season? How about what you're getting your spouse? What is the one thing you want?

My son is getting some things from the thrift store that I found: a school desk ($4 - I plan on mod podging it to make it look nicer) where he can color and keep his art supplies, some car racing things ($3 and $4) since I won't be able to make his car mat since we're trying to get him a new bed.
For my husband, he wants to renew his art magazine, Imagine FX. Then I'm putting this date idea into a box to wrap. That way when we can go on a date; we'll have all the supplies needed already.
For me, in case you don't already know, I'm dying for a Silhouette machine!!! but that won't be happening this Christmas which is okay. I'm happier to be able to give gifts to family and friends then to myself during the holidays.

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