Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #28 - Paint that Nail

Its Fashionable Friday again!! I did snowflakes! What I did is painted a base coat then I picked a base color. I chose a blue nail polish which is Piggy Polish: Blue Me a Kiss.

Then I did the snow flakes with a White Stripe Rite. I made an X then made another line going across up and down it. Then where a snowflake wouldn't fit I put some dots as snow with Sally Hansen Xtreme wear: white on, but over the dots of white I put silver glitter that was Pure Ice: Beware. I used a dotting tool to do the dots but you could use a tooth pick or a bobby pin. Then put a top coat and was done.
Aren't these gorgeous! I love these! I need to start investing in some nail polish =D

Thanks Krystin again from Paint that Nail!

4 crafty contributions:

triciathomas said...

So cute!!

*LivvyBug* said...

Cute! I want to try this :)

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Wow those came out really cute! My daughter would love them cause they are blue. If only I didn't bite mine and had some worth painting!

Doviana said...

Those are awesome!! I am a big fan of flashy nails - it's my constant little form of expression and these are great!!