Friday, December 24, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #31 - Modest Fashion Sense

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I'm so excited for Ruby from Modest Fashion Sense to share some modest New Year's party clothing with you!

Hello! My name is Ruby from Modest Fashion Sense and I am very excited to get to "guest post" on this Fashionable Friday, and I have a fun Holiday treat for you! It seems that holiday fashion (as cold has the holidays are) has become more and more scandalous. This might work for some, but if you are like me and you are not as comfortable in these fashions then this post is for you. I have some holiday fashion ideas for that New Year's Party that just might blow your mind, or at least I hope they do :)

First idea:  The sequin jacket. I am kind of in love with this jacket, and if you are usually afraid of bold looks, New Years Eve parties are the perfect place to get comfortable with them because it is the time to wear something a little bolder, and a little brighter. You don't want to get too crazy with the sequins though, so just limit it to one item of clothing. That's the secret to being bold, but not over the top :) I love the slouchy shirt look with skinny jeans and a blazer, but sometimes they can be really low in the front. If this is the case, choose another shirt/tank to go underneath it that is another shade of the same color.

Now usually when you think New Years Eve, or Holiday, party you think cocktail dress. This is the usual, but that doesn't mean you can't wear pants. Just make them dressy, or your top dressy and that is all you need to spice up an outfit for your holiday party. For this one I have cuff pants because basically they are my new obsession. Yes, I kind of love them. They are another bold choice that some might not be comfortable with. If not, try out some fun skinny jeans or if you are pear-shaped, try some straight-legged pants that go all the way to the ground. Then spice up the top with a sequin shirt. You can find sequin t-shirts at fun places like Charlotte Russe, but it all you can find is a sequin tank, then try putting a ruffle jacket over it.

Here's my favorite :) The traditional cocktail dress. I have two ideas for this because it seems that you can either find a dress that has sleeves, but is too short, or it is long enough, but no sleeves. Here are two ideas for that predicament. The one above is for if you need sleeve. Start with your favorite cocktail dress. Then find a neutral cardigan that matches the print of the dress. Now, because this cardigan is gray and the dress is black I wanted to spice it up with a fun belt and shoes. You will want to take the belt and wrap it around your waist with the cardigan underneath the belt as well. This way, the cardigan does not overwhelm the dress, and you keep that girlish figure. Then top it off with some fun tights. Now the shoes can either match the belt or the tights. If you are shorter you will want to wear shoes that match the tights to elongate your legs.

Now on to the cocktail dress that is too short. The easy fix is to throw on some fun sequin leggings, or metallic leggings. Now if you don't feel comfortable in leggings that is ok, just find some skinny jeans that are fun. Even if you are pear shaped this will work for you if the dress comes down to at least mid thigh.

These are not all your options, but at least something that get that brain workin! Thanks for letting me visit this Friday!

Thanks so much Ruby for all the great ideas!! Loving the sequin ideas but not together - only one bold sequin look =D I think my favorite look is the 2nd one, but I've never tried cuffed pants. It's so cold that pants are a great option! Love the jacket in the 2nd look too. Loving that necklace in the 4th look. Wish I had money to shop!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful, fashionable New Year!

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Valerie said...

There are several things I'd love to try there even though they don't look at all like my normal style. I love seeing new things put together.