Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Shower Event - The Mommy Exchange

Have you heard about The Mommy Exchange on Facebook? The Mommy Exchange is a place for moms and boutiques to exchange products! Feel free to post your business or product on the fan page. Trade products, tips, supplies, and more!

Well I traded one of my Scrappy Canvases with the creator of The Mommy Exchange, who is also the owner of Kate's Custom Gifts for a tutu onesie.

Here's what we traded.

I love this tutu onesie! Plus she sent me a Newborn diaper all cute too!

Here's the Canvas I made her for her daughter.

I LOVE TRADING! Let me know if you ever want to trade for my Scrappy Gifts or for advertising on one of my blogs.
Check out The Mommy Exchange in the Discussions section for people to trade with or request something you're looking to trade for!

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Hannah said...

I had never heard of the mommy exchange before. Thanks for sharing!