Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Shower Event - CSN Stores Review

So if you've read my blog before, you've heard of CSN Stores and how awesome they are already! Check out some of my past reviews of some of their products: Changing Table and Little Tikes Picnic Table.

This time I decided to review the JoJo Designs Pink and Green Mod Circles Laundry Hamper to match my other stuff for this baby girl coming!

Here's some of her stuff. I think it coordinates pretty well together. Still some better organizing that could be done though huh.

  • perfect colors
  • large - larger than the one I have for my son that's from JCPenneys.
  • Easy to put together - just putting velcro together!
  • Wish the wood frame was more durable or heavier.

CSN Stores offers free shipping to the U.S. on many products. They have over 200+ specific little stores to meet your needs.  Check them out now and do some one stop shopping! I've bought other things from them like a step stool, tie rack, and more.

    5 crafty contributions:

    Anonymous said...

    I definately need one of these laundry baskets, or a few! one for each room in the house, maybe!

    Katie's Nesting Spot said...

    I love how bright and colorful your laundry hamper is, not only functional but cute enough to leave out in the open. Good to know CSN has a good variety of designs, the ones readily available my be are pretty basic, nothing as fun as that!

    bcriminger said...

    I love the colors! I would like to know how stable it is. If a little one is running around the house and bumps into it, will it stay upright?

    Erin Cook said...

    I love the color of the hamper I could another one just for my kids clothes

    tamiv said...

    I love the Colors! Their So Bright!I Love that it's so light weight!