Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Shower Event - Reviews on my Recent Baby Purchases

She mad this cute little cuddle blanket with my chosen colors. I had won a gift certificate to her site. I really wanted a car seat canopy in this too! She even sent me a picture to make sure I liked the colors before she put it all together.
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I won a gift certificate to her Facebook site too. She made this amazing hat for me with a detachable flower. Can't wait to put my little girl in it!

They had a great sale on nursing bras last month. Buy 3, get one free.  They fit great and the best thing I love about them are that they are slightly padded but with no under-wire! I was so not prepared for nursing with my son and just had to go to Wal-mart for nursing bras. All they had were unpadded bras or padded bras but with under-wire. I don't mind under-wire, but with nursing it gets tricky. Most of the time I just used a sports bra because it was easier, but probably not the best thing to accentuate the right curves or to feel like a woman.

While waiting in line forever - I also found awesome maternity tights! If you dress up often or go to church weekly, you so need a pair of these! Heavenly! They fit comfortably around the belly and hid my love handles =D Plus they were warm and you couldn't see my unshaven legs.

3B Creations
I bought this hooded towel through her Facebook site. I love hooded towels and she was pretty affordable compared to others and offered a great hooded large towel that my baby girl can grow into as well.

My Baby Cow
I won a gift certificate to her Facebook page. I used it on a baby cocoon. The picture below shows the correct color of it. Sorry that the next picture's coloring is off.
Cocoon and flower clip attached to it are fabulous - so soft and perfect color. Brandyce was determined to find me the exact color that I wanted although I was okay with settling with something else. She has great customer service and is very committed at making her customers happy!

The Crafty Moms
Have you heard about The Crafty Moms. On her Facebook Page, she is always doing Bids on her items. I was able to score a great deal on legwarmers, tutus, and more for bidding on her items.

6 crafty contributions:

Kaysi said...

Those are all awesome!! You are going to have one stylish baby!

Crystal said...

I adore that hat! What great purchases.

Shairbearg said...

I love all your purchases!! Such cute things! I had so much fun shopping for my 3rd boy, b/c we had gotten rid of a lot of things from the first 2. Yes he was a surprise LOL

Tabathia said...

I remember maternity tights and hated them, they were so uncomfortable

M's giveaway blog said...

These are all sooo adorable!

Christie said...

I love that baby cocoon.. and the colour wow! Babies just LOVE those things (my friend has one) it's great to know they come in awesome colours too.

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