Monday, May 14, 2012

63rd Mommy Mondays

Hope all the women: moms, future moms, ladies who act like moms for others... had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Since I was sick all last week with a terrible stomach bug? or maybe food poisoning? I took a while off after being sick to catch up on life. It lasted for almost 7 days to feel 100% better!! My neighbors had something  similar, and it lasted them four days. I'm wondering if mine lasted so long because I'm still nursing my 1 year old girl.

Anyway I personally had the best Mother's Day I've ever had! Typically I'm never spoiled because my husband is a little clueless on what to do/get, etc. He did great this year! He seems to get 1 holiday really well each year since we've had kids. Anyway him and my 3 year old son went and bought me roses (I haven't had flowers in years that I don't even own a vase anymore!) and a bag of mini Snickers candies the day before. He wanted to buy me the movie, The Vow, too but it was sold out that day so he ended up buying it for me later =) Loved the movie!

Then that Saturday evening prior to Mother's Day, I asked him if we could go use our Applebee's gift card to go and eat dinner. He said yes, I didn't have to beg or persuade him at all!! We ate all of our appetizer, dinner, and dessert!! Even my son ate all of his food too! Too bad we had no leftovers, but it was so yummy!

On actual Mother's Day, we went to church and later I opened the cards my son made.

These I made with my preschool. Below are my kids' footprints and hand prints in the shape of flowers. I love it!

My 1 year old girl's present to me, we'll say, was some Willow Tree figures: a boy and a girl that were on sale at my local craft store where I teach. =)
She didn't sleep great that day, but I was on a pretty good high from  being spoiled that it didn't matter.

Last year's Mother's Day my baby girl had RSV and then the years before that, my son always seemed to get sick, not sleep, get his molars, etc. that I was so exhausted and thus cranky. I didn't need gifts, I just wanted sleep, but it's hard for my husband to give me that when I'm nursing babies previous years....

How was your Mother's Day? What has been the best Mother's Day you've had?

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Sarah said...

So glad you had a wonderful Mother`s Day!