Monday, May 28, 2012

65th Mommy Mondays

I made this video just for you guys today. Well I did the best I could with 2 kids! =)

I sing this song with my preschool before we start (I've sung it ever since I started doing daycare back when I was 18 or Nursery - maybe I learned it when I was doing a preschool practicum in high school -can't remember for sure), and my baby girl has recently started attempting to sing it with us these past couple of weeks along with doing the hand signals for it. I think it is super cute! She'll even sit down on a mat with the other kids and knows right what to do.

She is 13 months now.
Here is the video of my son singing and my daughter doing the hand signals too. Saturday night, she even said Hello 3x while shaking her hand!
Here's the song's words.

Hello, Hello (wave each hand)
Hello, and how are you? (wave hand and then point at kids/friends)
I'm fine (pat your chest)
I'm fine, and hope that you are too! (pat your chest and then point to your friends)

When my daughter was first doing the song, she'd pat my chest and then eventually started to do her own. Now she has stopped patting her chest and points to everyone.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!

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Sarah said...

Haha! They're totally cute! :)