Friday, May 18, 2012

87th Fashionable Fridays

Not a huge fan of this headband, but a boutique asked me to model it for them. I don't mind because I can always have my little girl wear it or give it as a gift =) I really would have loved it more if it didn't have the purple inside. Maybe I can change it and add some lime.

This checkered top is from a recent clothing swap. I love it's bold look. I paired it with a lime green top (from Down East) underneath to add another pop of color. Then I topped it off with one of those plastic bracelets with the words on it.

I also wore this outfit with a Skulls clip that the same boutique asked me to model. Instead of wearing it in my hair, I decided to wear it with a beaded necklace. What do you think?

Do I look too young to wear this look? Or do I look cool with the bold look?

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