Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Butterfly Pink and Lime Birthday - Flower Ribbon Topiary

I made my first Ribbon Topiary - again for my daughter's first birthday. I was kinda nervous about it thinking it wouldn't be fun to make, but it ended up being very fun to make. I wish I had more time to make more of them.

Tutorial and example from here and pinned here.

Here's mine:

I didn't use a square block to hold the dowel on the bottom like the original did. I just stuck it in my container (from the $1 store) and surrounded it with candy and some glass flowers. It stayed pretty well in place. If you think children will play with it, then you might want to have the foam block for stronger support.

After I was finished, I also added some clear flower stickers on top of some pieces of my ribbon so it kinda looked like a flower tree. =) I wanted to add some butterfly stickers, but I couldn't find any the right size that I liked for it.

For me, I just looked through all my ribbon, found the colors I needed, cut them up into equal pieces and stuck them on. Some people have said to not use a lot of different kinds of ribbon, but I did and loved mine. Some pieces I didn't even loop, I just left straight for a different look.

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