Monday, August 16, 2010

10th Mommy Mondays - CSN Review

Have you heard about CSN stores!? If you haven't, then where have you been....j/k. They're a fabulous online store - I should say mall because they're so huge!

I had the wonderful opportunity to review their online store. I used my certificate towards a Little Tikes Fold and Store Picnic Table with Umbrella.

When looking for a toddler table and chairs, I searched those exact words and  came up with hundreds of options. On their left sidebar, they have easy way to narrow your results. I clicked kids' table and chair sets and limited my price range to under $200. Here's where I found my table: table and chairs&matchtype=3&keywordvalue=toddlertableandchairs&minprice=&maxprice=&catcount=&shipsin=&stype=2&command=dosearch&mclass=Kids%27+Table+%26+Chair+Sets&price=3%7E172%7E&itemsperpage=96&curpage=2&rowcount=137&ListFormat=1&LayoutFormat=1

I debated over several options, but finally chose the Little Tikes Fold and Store Picnic Table with Umbrella because it can seat 8 kids, ages 2-8. I love that it can seat so many because I do lots of play groups at my home. Then I love that it can fit up to an 8 year old so that it can grow with my son and future kids.

Here are some of the hours of enjoyment we've had with it so far!

The box itself is super fun!
Jumping on, sitting and sliding on

Perfect for play: Coloring, Puzzles, and Play Kitchen Food

and pushing your car around the seats

Perfect for snack time

Now I need to find some cute plastic dinnerware that he can have with his table. I love this set: Puzzle Dinner Set. How fun would that be for my toddler!

What I love about CSN:
  • so easy to search!
  • you can earn 3% back on every order, receive exclusive rewards member promos plus more!
  • they have 200+ specific stores
  • kind and understanding representatives
  • lots of items have free shipping
What I dislike about CSN:

  • no adult or children clothing: they have some infant apparel

  • it can seat 8 kids, ages 2-8

  • it can grow with my children

  • hours of enjoyment with the box and different activities on the table: snack/eating, puzzles, coloring, playing with play food, teaching children, etc.

  • my son loves having a special spot for him and his friends

  • storing capabilities
What I dislike about  the Little Tikes Fold and Store Picnic Table with Umbrella
  • even though you can store it; it's not easy to store, you have to things apart, fold it up, and then put the parts back together.
  • not easy to assemble by yourself plus I'm not tool literate - had to learn to use a socket wrench

Want something from CSN? Enter the $60 Certificate to CSNstores GIVEAWAY over at Scrappy Gifts starting TOMORROW!

*I was given a $60 certificate code to CSN stores. My opinions are my own.

4 crafty contributions:

MomOnTheEdge said...

Those kiddos look like they're having a blast with that table! Cute pics!

Just For Me And You-Ladies said...

That table looks awesome! I have actually been searching for one like this...what a great option!

Liz said...

Great review! Very informative and I love the table. I love how the seat goes all the way around it and you showed so many great ways to use the table!

Karine Traverse said...

I have been wanting to get that exact table. I haven't ordered from CSN yet, but have heard great stuff about them. I too agree, they do need more adult and children clothing.