Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kitchen Cabinet Reorganization

So Memories By Christine's post on organizing her kitchen desk made me think about how can I keep my kitchen counters clean? How can I rearrange stuff so that we have a spot for our keys, wallet, sunblock, batteries, etc? We only have 2 kitchen drawers: 1 for our eating utensils and one for our measuring spoons, etc.

Last week, I just decided to tackle it while my son was playing so nicely. Here's what I came up with....

Kitchen Cabinets 1 and 2 - Front and Back - they open up in the front and the back - kinda cool.

Kitchen Cabinet #3 AND our messy counter

In the third cabinet, to the right, on the bottom shelf, I put a little tray with a notepad and space for our keys and my husband's wallet. The bottom shelf has stuff we use a lot like sunblock, vitamins, etc. It's all closest to the door too.

The can foods we didn't use as often in that third cabinet, I put into another cabinet above our kitchen table (the kitchen table is stuck in one place, can't be moved) I'll try and get a picture of that too.

The first and second cabinets, I just reorganized so it was easier to find things. All baking goods in one area. Spices on a little rack, etc. As you can see I need to go grocery shopping too, but it was easier to reorganize and wipe down the cabinets when there's less food =D Now hopefully it can stay like that.

That night I also dehydrated those bananas that were on the counter, cut up the watermelon and put it in the fridge. All the batteries are in the cabinet that's under the counter along with all our games and photo albums. Then basically everything else on there went back to it's original room. I love when I can be organized.

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4 crafty contributions:

Sarah said...

Nice work! I am all about things being organized!!

Christine:) said...

Awesome job Maryanne! Your kitchen looks a lot like the one in our previous home. I love those double doors on the cabinets:)

Leanne said...

Great job. I love organized cabinets. I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday and would love for you to join the party. You can add your link through Saturday. There's a giveaway too. Hope to see you there.

Leanne said...

I've never had cabinets open on both sides. That's pretty cool. They look great. Thanks for joining We're Organized Wednesday. Hope to see you again next time. You're entered in the giveaway too.