Friday, August 20, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #17- Guest Blogger

Let me introduce you to Tricia from Tricia's Take, my first guest blogger for Fashionable Fridays. She'll be guest posting the 3rd week of every month for a couple months.
Hi my name is Tricia I am a 30 something mother of 3 by day and online shopper extradoinair' by night! I started writing a blog ( to prove the old adage modest is hottest and to share my love of fashion. Most people when they hear the phrase 'mom clothes think of high waisted jeans and a frumpy tee-shirt. I am here to prove 'mom clothes' can be chic and casual. Here are a few tips to dress stylish and still be able to chase around the young ones (without that free tee-shirt you got at the blood drive!)

Tip #1- Have fun with color
One of the easiest ways to dress up a tee is with a pop of color. I love using belts, shoes, jewelry and hair accessories to add color to a boring outfit. Some of my favorite color combo's are: grey and yellow, red and blue, green and navy, pink and grey and brown and blush.

Tip #2- Pants are not required
I often wear a skirt because surprisingly they are just as comfortable as shorts. They will also keep you cooler! You can find a cute basic knee length skirt (at Gap or Old Navy) and it instantly dresses up a basic top.

Tip #3- Invest in the basics
There is nothing like a flattering pair of pants to brighten your day, I honestly believe that spending a little more on that pair of pants will be worth while in the long run. I purchased my first pair of designer jeans in 2003 and still wear them, they are timeless and hold up through many washes and wears.

Tip #4- It's all in the details
Look for tops that have cute prints or are embellished, you don't need much to dress them up! Pair it with some shorts and flats and your good to go!!!

I look forward to posting again next month, until then you can see me everyday on my blog, Tricia's Take!


Thanks so much Tricia! Can't wait for your future posts. Love outfit 3 especially that green color! Your color combos with tip #1 sound amazing...I'll have to try some of those! Maybe someday I'll invest in some designer jeans...scary for me to think though. I have trouble enough finding jeans.

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triciathomas said...

Thanks for letting me do the post!!!

Jessica said...

Great tips! I love all of these looks!

Molly said...

What a great place! I have signed on as a Follower so I won't miss out on anything you do. I have also taken your button to add to my blog, when you have time stop by to say Hi. Take care.