Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I shared my "business" goals and accomplishments on Scrappy Gifts, but I felt I should share with readers my personal goals and accomplishments too, so here they are!

Accomplishments of 2010

Goals for 2011
  • potty train my 2 year old. He's ready. Then I got pregnant, then the holidays and then I got sick so once I'm better we'll be starting.....wish me luck!
  • Complete 7 Projects from my Crafty Goals especially a Car Mat for my son (it's in progress, but lack of money and knowledge has put it on hold) - hopefully I can do 7 especially after our 2nd child comes in April
  • Try 10 new recipes (kept kinda low because I might be relying on cooking favorites once I have baby #2)
  • start a blog design business with my husband - in progess!
  • work on getting babysitters more even if it's just time for myself or a date with my husband - James did great while we went to the temple (only cried for about 10 minutes toward the end and later when I asked him if he cried).
  • have FHE lessons centered in teaching my 2 year old (maybe work with the lessons he's learning in Nursery) - anyone have any great links/ideas for FHE lessons for 2 year olds???
  • pray and read scriptures every day
  • blog on my family blog once a week

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3 crafty contributions:

Kitschalicious said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and inviting me to your blog party! Sorry it took so long to get here though.

Also, I have a great post on potty training you may be interested in! You can find it at Hope this helps!

Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

Excellent goals! I wish you luck especially with the potty training! My son was a stubborn one!

Crystal said...

Those are wonderful goals. Many of mine are similar like potty training and FHE. Good Luck!