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44th Mommy Mondays: Guest Post - Gliders vs Rockers

How to Choose a Nursery Room Rocking Chair
When you discover you're expecting a new addition to the family, you'll need to design a nursery that's both functional and beautiful. An often overlooked mainstay in nursery shopping is the rocking chair or glider. Whether you're nursing or bottle-feeding, the addition of a glider rocker in the nursery can make those middle of the night feedings a comfortable experience for tired parents and babies alike.

Choosing Between a Glider and a Rocker
If you're deciding between a glider and a traditional rocking chair, the great thing about gliders is that they offer the back-and-forth rhythm of a rocker without the downward tilt at the end of each motion. This reduces the chance of it upsetting a delicate tummy and jostling the milk in a bottle. Swivel gliders are another option in how your chair moves. They come with a mechanism that allows you to choose from rocking, swiveling, or gliding, depending on what works best for you and your infant. Many parents feel that more options to try to appease a fussy baby are always welcome.

Matching Colors and Materials
Once you've chosen your nursery color pattern, you may wish to coordinate your glider cushions and materials. However, comfort is of the utmost importance, so go furniture shopping and sit in the gliders in the store. Use the ottomans and test the motion; if you find a combination that feels good, ask about color options and customizable cushions. Most parents agree that ottomans complete the contemporary nursery glider experience, allowing you to rest tired legs while staying in motion.

Materials that are stain-resistant and machine washable are a major plus for nursery cushions. Also cushions with pouches to hold a diaper, pacifier, or magazine are an added bonus. Make sure that arm rest pads are stationary too, to prevent annoying slip-offs.

Safety Features
Gliders often have a locking mechanism that prevents tiny fingers from being pinched. Traditional nursery room rockers don't have this option and can be a climbing hazard for toddlers down the road. Make sure you purchase a glider made of non-toxic materials. Check that the edges are smooth and the construction is sturdy. Gliders can be used for many years to come, so you'll want to ensure that it stands up to normal wear.
If you choose a glider that requires assembly, you may want to ask a professional for help or pay a little extra for the store to put it together. A normally-sturdy glider can be dangerous if it isn't assembled correctly.
A functional addition to any home, remember that once the glider or rocker is no longer necessary in the nursery, you can have the cushions recovered in a new fabric or the wood refinished to match the d├ęcor of another room.

Guest article by Robin Thering, who writes about the best baby nurseries and nursery decor at

What great things to know. I have a glider because I thrifted one. I love the information you shared about it!

Me and my baby girl in our glider

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2 crafty contributions:

bcriminger said...

I personally love gliders when I nanny, but don't have any of my own yet!

SAPsMaMa said...

I loved gliders, I almost got one at a rummage when I was prego but my mom ended up getting me one as a baby shower gift! I wanted one with alot of cusion on the bum and the arms and was wide enough to nurse baby girl in sideways, plus had bars on the sides of the gliding area so no fingers would get pinched. I still use it and love it!