Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guest Post - Inside The Mind Of Nicole

Meet Nicole, a beautiful mommy that has brought us an awesome craft idea to do with your kids!
Hi everyone! I am Nicole
 Inside The
Mind Of Nicole
 and I’m SO excited to be a
guest post here at Crafty Mommy Diva. Maryanne has such a cute blog here and I
think a lot of Crafty Mommy Divas (like me) can relate to this blog. I’m
honored to guest blog here. So, thank you Maryanne!

A little bit about ME and
my blog:
In a nutshell I would
describe myself as a hopelessly romantic, talented, perfectionist
that loves almost everything and can't make up her mind. But seriously…I’m a 27
year old Mommy of two young boys (8 and 3years old), a girlfriend to the man of
my dreams, a customer service representative, and a photographer. When I’m not
doing that I’m a homemaker, a chef, a nurse (with band-aids and kisses), a veterinarian,
an organizer, a household janitor, and everything else that Mommies and Barbie

For my blog I like to write
about anything and everything that is going on in my life or that I dream
about. Kids, photography, favorite products, crafts, vintage designs, etc. I
will blog about almost anything.

Click here and come on by and take a look!
I hope you all enjoy spending time reading my blog as much as I
enjoy writing it. I have honestly gained a lot more from writing my blog than I
ever imagined possible. It helps me to express my thoughts and feelings not
only about random topics, but about things going on in my life with myself and
my loved ones as well. It also helps me to find 'me' again and things I love to
think and talk about and hobbies I've always enjoyed doing.The short amount of
time that I spend on here is the short amount of time each day that I can just
sit here and be for a minute . . . and I love it!

But enough about me and my blog, my boys and I made a little craft
JUST for you!
Take a look at these Magazine Mosaics we made!
(This is one of our items from our Summer Fun List)

First, I bought 3 frames from Wal-Mart for like $2.50 each. I
bought three because I wanted to make one too! (Why do the kids get to have all
the fun?!)

You also need some Elmer’s School Glue (not pictured) and a big pile of magazines

While the boys started cutting out scraps of paper from the magazines…

…I drew the base for their mosaics

Once we had enough magazine scraps, we started gluing them on
(FYI…kids LOVE to use a lot of glue. Like…a lot)

Then we let them set out to dry

After they were dry, I put them into the frames so the boys wouldn’t cut themselves

And here is our finished product
(plus the one that I made)

We absolutely love them!!!
I want to make more!

It was very inexpensive,
easy, and fun! Perfect for boys or girls.
You can’t go wrong with
this craft.

Thanks again for having me
guest post and it was nice to meet all of you!


What a fun craft idea. They turned out amazingly cute! I'll definitely have to try this with my son. He loves glue too. Thanks for being a guest, Nicole!

3 crafty contributions:

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

These are so cute, I have done artwork like that with my daughter and classroom before but they are so cool looking framed in the floating glass.

bcriminger said...

Love, love, love this idea!

The life and times of a craftaholic said...

Lovely work, this is really what crafting is all about, spending time with family and colouring outside the lines! Love your Blog :)