Friday, June 3, 2011

50th Fashionable Fridays - Paint that Nail

Prepare to be amazed by the nails this week from Paint that Nail!

Today I will be showing how to get these newspaper nails which are so easy!

you will need:

-Rubbing Alcohol
-Base and top coat
-Any nail polish color you want as your back ground color
Once you base coat is dry add your nail polish color I chose Sally Hansen Hard as Nails- white tip. Let it completely dry!

Dip your nail into the rubbing alcohol.

Dry your nail off a tiny bit.

Press the newspaper really had onto your nails.

Remove the newspaper and the ink around your nail with nail polish remover. Make sure to add a top coat so the ink doesn't rub or wash off! I added glitter to mine too which is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength- diamonds.

Try it out! Anyone can do it!!

These are so flippin' cool!!! I think this is number one on my to do list for my nails! Thanks Kristyn!

2 crafty contributions:

Nicole said...

I will be doing this TONIGHT! I love it!!!

paint that nail said...

I am your 50th Fashionable Friday!! Thats so cool! Yes try them out on your nails!! I bet they would look awesome!