Friday, June 24, 2011

53rd Fashionable Fridays

Anyone on Pinterest!? I'm on it and it's addicting! It's a great way to save your favorite links. If you ever need to reboot your computer, you'll still have all your favorite links. If you use multiple computers, you can still access your favorites through Pinterest. Come check me out over there. Leave your pinterest link too so I can look at your pins!

Anyway through Pinterest, I found this link to curling your hair without heat. Here's the original pin and here's the video tutorial from thelipstickdiaries.

I attempted it since it looked so fast and easy. I moussed my dry hair first and then tucked my hair into the headband as directed. I added some bobby pins to mine because it was during the day and with 2 kids, it was bound to get loose and fall out.

After a while though, I was getting a headache, so I took it out to see if that would help my headache. Before taking it out though, I hair sprayed it since my hair doesn't hold curl well all the time. Since I only had it in for a couple hours, the back didn't work so well, but the front looked fabulous. I brushed down some frizz and I was good to go. Very pretty- a nice confidence booster to someone who just had a baby. I will try it again before I go to bed sometime in the future to see what it looks like with the back all curled too.

Here's some pictures of the after. As you can see I'm one tired mommy, so I did my make-up some really quick so I wouldn't look so horrible.

Any hair tips/tutorials you'd like to share?
Link up your fashion, hair, make-up, etc.

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