Friday, June 17, 2011

52nd Fashionable Fridays

So I tried out Polyvore's Create application for the first time and here's what I came up with. Be honest and let me know what you think. I think Paris date night. In the future, I'll try to create using pieces that are less than $50 each just to give me hope that I could attain the same look =D

Romantic Classic

Satin top
$23 -

Dorothy Perkins bow skirt
30 GBP -

Forever21 pointed shoes
$23 -

Red Herring gold jewelry
8 GBP -

Larkspur Hawk face jewelry
$850 -

Kate Spade couture jewelry
$55 -

Floral jewelry
$4.99 -

velvet shadow - buns
$18 -

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1 crafty contributions:

bcriminger said...

I just love pink! I would have thought the top was much more than $23, I was surprised that it was that inexpensive. I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, so I love make-up and letting my customers try different products before they buy. Our summer line just came out this past week and we have eye Shadow and Line Duos that have matching eyeliner and shadow all in one stick-super fun! See new products here: