Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I just wanted to share with you how amazing my husband has been especially these last couple months with my son having Croup and then our new baby getting RSV. When we found out we wouldn't be having any family coming out to help us when our second baby was born, I was trying not to panic and worry while my husband comforted me saying he'd help. Ha, was all I could think because I was pregnant, tired, trying to have energy for my 2 year old and lagging behind in household chores....where was his help right then.

Then we had our baby girl in mid April and he really did help out where I wasn't too stressed out about not having family around. It still would have been easier with them since we both weren't getting much sleep, but we survived. Then our son got croup and the following week our baby got RSV, both serious respiratory sicknesses and I was stressing and crying all the time. My husband took a week off to help me out (he had enough paid time off to do so). He cooked dinner, did the dishes, and cleaned up around the house. He put our 2 year old son to bed every night, comforting our son and sleeping with him the week our son had croup, changed his diapers (my husband had only changed about 10-20 out of all the diapers our son has had) and he would take our baby girl from me in the middle of the night for a couple hours so I could get some sleep. On one particular bad night, when our baby girl sounded so bad with her breathing and I was at my wit's end trying to decide if we should take her to the hospital or not, my husband was able to give her a blessing which calmed me enough and her enough to both get some sleep. He was a major comfort and support who remained calm through it all while I was crying every day in my spare moments. He just hugged me daily and told me to cry. He had never done that before.

I am grateful for my husband for the power of the priesthood he has to be able to bless our family. He isn't always the best at helping around the house on a daily basis, but he works hard for our family so that I can stay home to care for our children. He is awesome at vacuuming - he does almost 99% of the vacuuming in our home. He is a very talented artist - I wish he thought of himself as a one. My husband is good at not worrying and helping me not to worry. Through our trials of sicknesses the last couple months, I was reminded of my tremendous love for him and how great of a father he is. I always knew since I was 15 that he would make a great father when I saw him playing with a friend's flour baby for school. He is my best friend, the rock in my life. When I really need him, he'll be there. He just gets more amazing to me every single day, making even  hotter every day =D.

Since having our 2nd, he has really started doing a lot more. He has taken care of our son while I a take care of the baby. I had worried about this thinking I would be up on some nights with both of them, but now my husband has developed an ear for hearing our son in the middle of the night to comfort him so that I can sleep a little bit more before feeding our baby. He is amazing and I love him! He is definitely the one for me.

My son loves when his daddy comes home from work to play with him. He always greets him with a hug and a kiss.

My husband has been a great teacher to our children. He has taught my son so many things and he has a way of talking to him, explaining things so that our son can understand.

My baby girl loves talking to her daddy; she just lights up with big smiles and just jibber jabbers away when he talks to her. I'm slightly jealous....

I can't wait to spend forever with him and see him with our children especially now that we have a girl....he's the oldest of 6 boys, so having a daughter is definitely a whole different field for him =D

This year, we made this cute little picture with the kids' handprints and footprints....inspired by this link I found through Pinterest. I know the handpints don't really look like hearts, but it was especially hard doing my 2 mo. old girl's hands. She likes to keep her hands as fists.

Then I bought pizza for my husband and a lava cake from Dominos Saturday night since we haven't had pizza in forever! Plus when I was pregnant I couldn't stand Dominos for some reason....I like it again now that I'm not pregnant. Then for today, we're having pot roast. Plus I've kept up with the dishes and having dinner on the table almost every night for the past week! I don't think I've done that in a long long time.
I wish I could give him so much more to show my love for him and my gratitude to him the last couple months. I don't know how I would have done it without him.
Happy Father's Day to all the dads and the men who have been like a dad to someone, my dad, my father-in-law, my brother and especially to my husband!

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Jessica said...

Maryanne, so precious! The last "giggly" photo was darling! Glad your stress level went down. God Bless You!

Sarah said...

I related to your post so much. My husband became wayyy more helpful with bedtime, etc after my daughter was born!

I, too am incredibly grateful for the priesthood in our home.

I started dating my hubby when I was 16... since you met yours when you were 15 you got me beat... ;)

Great post and wonderful tribute to your husband :)

Mama M. said...

What a great way to honor such a wonderful father! Isn't it amazing seeing the men we fell in love with parent in such a fabulous way?! I LOVE it!!